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Societies & associations

British Philosophical Association promoting the study of philosophy in the UK
International Society for Philosophers bringing together philosophy students and teachers, and amateur and professional philosophers from all over the world
Philosophical Society of England founded in 1913 to ‘promote the study of practical philosophy among the general public’
Philosophy Foundation dedicated to bringing philosophy to schools and children
Royal Institute of Philosophy charity dedicated to the advancement of philosophy through the promotion of teaching, discussion and research of all things philosophical
Sapere philosophy for children
Society for Applied Philosophy founded in 1982 to promote philosophical study and research that has a direct bearing on areas of practical concern

Articles, information, podcasts, directories & other resources

Arts & Letters Daily daily digest of interesting articles from magazines, newpapers, blogs etc. from around the world
Eastern Philosophy Asian philosophy on Wikipedia
Erratic Impact philosophy research base – huge resource
tThe Guardian hundreds of philosophy articles
Individual Philosophers sources of information on 188 philosophers
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy peer-reviewed academic resource
King’s College London history of philosophy podcast series
Learn Out Loud directory of podcasts on philosophical topics
Open Culture zillions of free philosophy online courses, videos, podcasts etc.
People with online papers in philosophy huge list of people compiled by David Chalmers
Philosopher’s Zone podcasts, feeds and blogs on fascinating philosophical questions
Philosophy Bites fantastic site – hundreds of podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics, organised by theme and by philosopher
Project Gutenberg all important philosophy books can be found here, as freely-downloadable e-books
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy a big one
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy another big one
Timeline of Western Philosophers with information about all of them
University of Oxford philosophy for beginners – free videos
Wikipedia the philosophy page in Wikipedia
Wikipedia the philosophy category in Wikipedia

Clubs, meetings, magazines, courses, activities & fun stuff

Ask a Philosopher ask philosophical questions and get them answered by philosophers
Ask Philosophers another site for asking questions of philosophers
London Philosophy Club free talks from leading philosophers, plus debates, socials & reading groups
Pathways online philosophy courses for everyone
The Philosopher ‘virtually the web’s most popular online philosophy magazine’
Philosophical Films list of films with philosophical discussions about them
Philosophical Humour you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?
Philosophy For All London monthly lectures, films and walks in London
Philosophy Experiments interactive games based on philosophical dilemmas
Philosophy in Pubs grassroots organisation practising community philosophy in the UK
Philosophy Meetup Groups over 1000 meet-up groups for amateur philosophers around the world
Philosophy Now Philosophy Now Magazine
The Singularity is Near what happens if artificial intelligence takes over from humans?
TPM the Philosophers’ Magazine Online

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