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Organisations, portals, directories etc.

Fair Shares Association the association for multi-stakeholder co-operation in member-owned social enterprises
Internet of Ownership portal: tools for the platform co-operative ecosystem
Internet of Ownership global directory of platform co-ops
Platform Cooperativism Consortium portal: supporting the platform co-op ecosystem
Unfound helping businesses set up as platform co-ops in the UK

Introductory articles & information introduction to platform co-ops platform co-ops: definition and history
Outlandish introductory videos from their 2016 event
Shareable what is a platform co-op?
Stir to Action interview with Nathan Schneider
Wikipedia entry for platform co-operative

Other information

Commons Transition open co-operativism
Josef Davies-Coates on the case for a Fairshares model of enterprise
Nathan Schneider on the Internet of Ownership platform co-operativism as a critique of open source
Nesta & Co-ops UK can platform co-ops challenge the tech giants? report: platform co-ops – solving the capital conundrum
P2P Foundation wiki open co-operatives
Platform 6 new platform co-operative with the goal of being an innovative engine for the creation of other new co-operatives (both platform and otherwise) articles and media from the ‘Platform co-operativism: building the co-operative internet’ conference
introduction to the Viable System Model as a diagnostic & design tool for co-operatives & federations
Trebor Scholtz on Medium platform co-operativism vs the sharing economy

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