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BBC NHS urged to promote washable nappies
British Journal of General Practice report that concludes that disposable nappies give little protection against nappy rash
CBC dangers from synthetic chemicals in disposables
Cloth Nappy Tree the wonderful world of cloth nappies
Cloth Nappy Tree cost comparison: reusables vs disposables
Environment Agency 2005 report on real nappies v disposables the Environment Agency’s first report concluded that real nappies were no better for the environment – but assumed they were washed in inefficient washing machines, at too high temperatures, then tumble-dried and ironed
Environment Agency 2008 report new report concluded that real nappies can be much better, after taking out the high temperatures, inefficient washing machines, tumble-drying and ironing
Mumsnet conversation about terry nappies – search for more
Nappy Network promoting real nappies in Scotland, with lots of info for everyone else
the Nappy Site real cotton nappy reviews and news
Real Nappies for London information for people wanting to go real in London
Real Nappy Campaign promoting behavioural change away from plastic, “disposable” single-use nappies, towards reusable cloth nappies.
Used Nappy Company auction site in the UK to buy and sell second-hand, pre-loved washable cloth nappies
WikiHow 4 ways to fold a cloth nappy
WRAP guide to using real nappies

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