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Aprovecho Research Center video on how to build a rocket stove
BioEnergy Lists lots of info on making many different types of rocket stove
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology US site with a description of how to build a rocket stove
Canadian Dirtbags building a really cosy rocket mass heater in Canada
Ernie & Erica beautiful rocket mass heaters in the States
Instructables how to make a tin can rocket stove
Insturctables how to make a sand rocket stove
Instructables how to build a rocket stove – more complicated metalwork
Instructables how to make a ‘space shuttle’ rocket stove
KulKul Farm how to build a permanent rocket stove
Log Cabin Cooking how to make a tin can rocket stove
Milkwood rocket-stove-powered shower
Permaculture Principles the fundamentals of rocket stoves
Pyro-Eco Stove how to build an energy-efficient rocket-type stove for cooking in rural areas
Rich Soil tons of information, diagrams and videos on rocket mass heaters
Root Simple blog about making a rocket stove from a 5 gallon metal bucket
Root Simple blog about making and using a brick rocket stove
Solar Cooking Wiki wiki on rocket stoves, including videos of how to build them
StoveTec US company supplying rocket stoves in large quantities for projects in developing countries
Youtube video on how to build a red brick rocket stove
Youtube a family talk through their rocket mass heater at home
Wikipedia introduction to rocket stoves on Wikipedia

Rocket stoves & mass heaters Resources

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