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Information & inspiration

Mad about berries all about berries, including growing, nutrition and recipes
Seasonal Berries all things berries, including recipes
Wikipedia entry for berry
Wikipedia entry for blackcurrant
Wikipedia entry for gooseberry
Wikipedia entry for raspberry
Wikipedia entry for strawberry

Growing soft fruit

David Domoney how to plant various types of soft fruit
GardenFresco guide to growing a range of soft fruit, with sections on planting, pruning, picking and pests
GardenOrganic fruit growing manual
Love Plants how to grow 5 unusual soft fruits – gojiberry, honeyberry, hinnonmaki red gooseberry, jostaberry and bluecrop blueberry
Mother Earth News how to grow shrubs and soft fruit in a forest garden
Mother Earth News all about growing strawberries
Mother Earth News growing berries in your back yard
Pots2Plots how to grow fruit
Royal Horticultural Society grow your own soft (and hard) fruit
Sustainable Gardener how to grow soft fruit
University of Vermont berry production information


BBC Gardening how to prune soft fruit
GrowVeg how to winter prune gooseberry and currant bushes
GrowVeg pruning fruit bushes

Soft fruit recipes

the Ecologist soft fruit special: how to make the most of the summer glut
Preserving, jams etc. for more on making jams and preserving soft fruit, see our preserving section
Storing & Freezing recipes and freezing tips for berries and soft fruits


Mother Nature Network history of grapes
The Strawberry 515 page ebook by George Darrow on the history, breeding and physiology of the strawberry
University of Vermont history of strawberries

Health & nutrition

Berry Scotland berries and currants nutritional information
Nutracheck calories in soft fruit
Nutrition and You nutritional information and health benefits for a large range of fruits

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