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    Price: £30.00 (one off payment)

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    Here’s a taster video from the course – carding (see no. 32, below):

    This spinning online course is about how to spin yarn: but not only that. It looks at the wide choice of fibres available and helps you to choose the right spinning tool for you.

    See here for an introduction to spinning, and see the right-hand column for more resources.

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    Spinning with a wheel in our spinning online course

    The course represents excellent value – as well as 13 pdf booklets, there are over 120 mins of videos to accompany every aspect of the booklets, so that as well as reading about the processes, you can watch videos of exactly how it’s done.

    Our spinning online course tutor Janet Renouf-Miller


    Janet Renouf-Miller runs Create with Fibre, and is a registered teacher with the Association of Weavers Spinners and Dyers and has taught at their renowned Summer School. Janet has also taught courses for many spinning and weaving guilds, knitting groups, shops and voluntary organisations. She is the author of How to Spin (just about anything). Spinning for at least ten minutes a day helps keep her calm and focused and she uses it as a form of meditation. Having learned to knit at the age of six, Janet had become bored with it, until one day she saw someone spinning. Rushing home, she tried it with a hand spindle made from a pencil and a potato and was amazed when it worked. The rest, as they say, is history and in 1995 she studied for the Certificate of Achievement in Handspinning and became a spinning teacher.


    1. About Janet Renouf-Miller (pdf)

    2. Meet your tutor (video)

    3. Part 1 Introduction (pdf)

    4. Introduction to spinning (video)

    5. Part 2 Fibre (pdf)

    6. Pre-Drafting (video)

    7. Part 3 Spindles (pdf)

    8. Spindles (video)

    9. Part 4 How to spin on a high top spindle (pdf)

    10. How to twirl the spindle (video)

    11. How to spin on a spindle (video)

    12. Joining the yarn on a spindle (video)

    13. How to thigh roll and kick the spindle (video)

    14. How to ply the yarn on a spindle (video)

    15. Part 5 Spinning wheels (pdf)

    16. Spinning wheels (video)

    17. Part 6 Sourcing a spinning wheel (pdf)

    18. Part 7 How to spin on a spinning wheel (pdf)

    19. How to treadle the spinning wheel (video)

    20. How to oil the spinning wheel (video)

    21. Understanding the Scotch tension (video)

    22. Let’s start spinning (video)

    23. Part 8 How to ply on a spinning wheel (pdf)

    24. How to ply yarn on a spinning wheel (video)

    25.Part 9 Using a niddy noddy and washing the yarn (pdf)

    26. How to hank the yarn on a niddy noddy (video)

    27. How to correct an underplyed yarn (video)

    28. Part 10 How to sort and wash fleece (pdf)

    29. How to sort a fleece (video)

    Washing a fleece in our spinning online course

    30. How to wash a fleece (video)

    31. Part 11 How to card fibre (pdf)

    32. Carding (video)

    33. Part 12 Further resources (pdf)

    34. Resources (video)

    Thanks to Create with Fibre and Studio Nima.

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