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Arithmetic, Population & Energy can’t recommend this video enough. It’s a presentation by Dr Al Bartlett, emeritus professor of physics at the Uni of Boulder Colorado, about the relation between economics and ecology. A must-see
Beyond GDP huge list of indeces to measure how well we’re doing – as an alternative to GDP, which doesn’t
Brian Czech and Herman Daly (pdf) the steady-state economy: what it is, what it entails and what it connotes
Buy Nothing Day a global holiday from consumerism – spend a day without spending!
Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy (CASSE) probably the biggest steady-state resource on the web; they have booklists, resources, organise conferences and produce a newsletter
E F Schumacher Buddhist economics
Feasta Irish organisation promoting steady-state economics
Genuine Progress Indicator alternative to GDP for indicating nations’ well-being
Grist Magazine article on the economic heresy of Herman Daly, the world’s foremost proponent of steady-state economics
Growth Busters US site campaigning against constant economic growth; produced a film called Hooked on Growth
Growth Isn’t Possible free download from the New Economics Foundation – why rich countries need a new economic direction
ISEE the International Society for Ecological Economics
Jason Hickel excellent argument against the claim that we need growth to end poverty
New Economics Foundation (nef) independent think-tank challenging mainstream thinking on economic issues
New Internationalist Nature’s Bottom Line: article on the folly of endless growth on a finite planet
Peak Prosperity crash course in exponential growth
Plos One research paper clearly showing that ecological damage and economic growth cannot be decoupled
Prosperity quarterly monetary reform journal based in Scotland; lots of interesting articles on the
global monetary system
Prosperity Without Growth Sustainable Development Commission’s report to the government – which is probably why they got closed down
Serge Latouche why less should be so much more: degrowth economics
Sustainable Thoughts interesting blog with lots of introductory information on the madness of exponential growth


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