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ADSM free interactive ‘health check’ tool which organisations can use to determine how much water they are wasting on their sites
CAWST biosand filters knowledge base: biosand filter (BSF) is an adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter, which has been used for community drinking water treatment for 200 years
Environment Agency Water Demand Management from this site you can order free copies of their factsheets on a whole range of ways to save water, from compost toilets and rainwater collection, to water-saving appliances and greywater recycling
OFWAT regulations for the water and sewage sector in the UK
Permaculture Design Course Handbook the hydrological cycle
the Rivers Trust working to protect, promote and enhance our river environment, for both people and wildlife
the Story of Stuff the story of bottled water
Susdrain all about rain gardens
TakePart crops that use a lot of water in drought-prone areas
USGS about the world’s water
Water Benefits Health drinking rainwater – health benefits and disadvantages
Water Footprint Network platform for collaboration between companies, organizations and individuals to solve the world’s water crises by advancing fair and smart water use
Water Regulations UK water regulations for the UK. includes an order form for the complete regulations
World Resources Institute one quarter of the world’s agriculture is in water-stressed areas


Low-impact water & sewage Resources

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