Welding & metalwork - links

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Fundamentals of Welding good intro
Go Welding welding info, including on starting a business
Industrial Metal Supply how to begin welding
Instructables basic welding
Instructables lots of welding projects
Popular Mechanics basic welding skills – a step-by-step guide
WikiHow how to learn welding as a hobby
Wikipedia welding


Asos1.com basic metalworking – good intro
Craftsmanspace free, 19th century and early 20th century metalworking books
Elementary Knowledge of Metalworking good intros to a range of basic tools and techniques
File Facts information about metal files, including tips on using them
Instructables metalworking basics
Instructables lots of metalworking projects
Open Source Machine Tools basic metal working and machining videos, plus lots of other videos, documents, discussion on starting metalworking with very few resources
Wikipedia metalworking

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