Our people

Dave Darby moved to Redfield in 1996. When working on development projects in Romania, he realised that they saw Western countries as role models, so he decided to try to bring about change in the UK instead. He founded Lowimpact.org in 2001 and is also on the board of the Ecological Land Co-op. He now lives in London.

Sherry Kramer is our book-keeper, and mum to two ex-Redfielders (which is how we met her). She’s had a career in financial management of large organisations, and now she’s helping us. She’s a wizard with figures, er, and here she is dressed as a witch. She lives in Aylesbury.

petermorganPeter Morgan built and looks after our website. He quit a career as a chef to study politics and philosophy in 1997. The new millennium inspired a move to Japan where he co-founded the Plastic Factory nightclub in Nagoya. After burning out in the Japanese club scene he returned to Nottinghamshire to have children and experiment with other forms of fatigue (e.g. Screenbeetle).

scarlettScarlett Penn used to live at Redfield Community, and is the co-ordinator of WWOOF UK. When she’s not travelling around in her big yellow van, she lives in Shropshire on a smallholding with her partner. She looks after the ‘Growing, gardening & smallholding’ part of the website.

Sophie Paterson is working on social media and book promotion, after a three year stint managing the Routes into Languages programme at Newcastle University. Herself a linguist, she spent a year in Jordan as an undergraduate student. An aspiring self-builder and School of Natural Building trainee, she recently returned to a more urban existence up north after 12 months living and volunteering on a farm in Devon.

Lesley Anderson looks after our ‘keeping animals’ section. She has a Permaculture Design diploma and is on the Permaculture Scotland working group. She studied animal behaviour at uni and is interested in ethically integrating animals into sustainable systems. She worked with horses and volunteered on organic farms via WWOOF. She lives in Fife with her husband, son and ducks.

Jessie Watson Brown looks after our ‘bushcraft & nature’ section. She is a tanner and basket weaver, making and crafting using natural materials, immersing herself in the natural world and learning the ways of our ancestors. Jessie is based on Dartmoor, and along with Jane Robertson, offers courses and camps in tanning, craft, wild skills and nature connection at Nettleseed.