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    Emily has been playing in the woods since childhood, she has practiced and taught bushcraft, nature awareness, rewilding and rites of passage for 15 years in New Zealand and the UK. She is also a singer-songwriter whose music evokes the land she loves and her regular practice of tracking the woods and moorland around her home in the Dart Valley. Music has always been a focal point of her teaching, from Forest School to rites of passage. In her recent Masters degree in Experimental Archaeology she researched the acoustic world of tribal peoples and their relationship to non-human species through an ability to tap into a universal language of nature. She teaches tracking and crafts, masterminds the paleo menu and holds the question “what does it mean to be indigenous to the land I live on?” Cohosting The Old Way is definitely helping her find some answers!

    Articles by

    Emily Fawcett

    The surprising benefits of harvesting wild foods – more than you’d expect!

    Emily Fawcett 14-Feb-2019

    Emily Fawcett and Charlie Loram of the Old Way look at some of the less obvious benefits of harvesting wild foods as our ancestors did. Read more

    How might hunter-gatherers have lived on this land?

    Emily Fawcett 04-Mar-2018

    Emily Fawcett explores what it might be like to live like our ancestors, to live the old way, on this land. What would it mean to experience life and the land like the indigenous people of these islands – as hunter-gatherers, to return to the Old Way? Read more

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