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    Leon Durbin has had a lifelong passion for wildlife and wild places, and is a qualified and experienced wildlife biologist. Leon runs Wildwood Bushcraft, and has been teaching and practicing bushcraft for the last 15 years.

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    Leon Durbin

    Lime: Swiss army knife of trees

    Leon Durbin 25-Nov-2013

    The lime has got to be one of my favourite trees – not just for its tall leafy elegance, but for it’s multitude of uses in bushcraft. When I mention the lime tree on bushcraft courses people sometimes think I am referring to it’s exotic, citrus-bearing namesake! Read more

    What’s the difference between survival & bushcraft?

    Leon Durbin 09-Oct-2013

    The terms “survival” and “bushcraft” are often used interchangeably and yet sometimes treated as separate, even competing, disciplines. As a bushcraft survival instructor I obviously have my own views Read more

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