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    Nigel Akehurst is Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Indie Farmer, an online lifestyle magazine celebrating independent farming and artisan food culture. After spending the summer of 2014 meeting farmers across the UK, Nigel decided to give up city life to move back to the small family farm in East Sussex to become a beginner farmer himself, whilst continuing to build the Indie Farmer community of readers, writers and contributors. He tweets @IndieFarm and can be found on Instagram

    Articles by

    Nigel Akehurst

    A beginner’s guide to lambing: from tupping to lookering

    Nigel Akehurst 01-Mar-2018

    Adapted from an original post over at Indie Farmer, founder and editor-in-chief Nigel Akehurst shares his beginner’s guide to lambing as smallholders and sheep farmers prepare for one of their busiest times of the year. Read more

    Haymaking by hand: a guide from Indie Farmer

    Nigel Akehurst 07-Aug-2017

    This week our friends at Indie Farmer shared with us their how-to guide to haymaking by hand, in which founder and editor-in-chief Nigel Akehurst collaborated with small-scale farmer Simon Fairlie, co-editor of The Land Magazine. Read more

    The sheep shearing season: an interview and photo story

    Nigel Akehurst 03-Aug-2017

    The year’s sheep shearing season is almost at an end. This week, our friends at Indie Farmer shared with us their sheep shearing photo story and interview with Ed Gingell, the so-called ‘Lewis Hamilton’ of sheep shearing, who visited Hockham Farm in 2015 to shear the flock and returned again to do the same just… Continue reading The sheep shearing season: an interview and photo story Read more

    Where do you stand on raw milk? Interview with ‘raw’ dairy farmer

    Nigel Akehurst 26-Nov-2015

    If milk is going to be transported long distances and hanging about a lot rather than being sold locally and drunk quickly, there’s a strong argument for pasteurising it. But there is a growing number of people who are arguing that locally-produced milk doesn’t have to be. Read more

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