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    Pat Conaty is a Fellow of New Economics Foundation (NEF) and has worked with NEF since 1987. He is also a research associate of Co-operatives UK. He specialises in action research, education and development that focuses on successful methods of social economic innovation. During the 1990s he led work at NEF to introduce to the UK Community Development Finance and other forms of co-operative and mutual banking. From 2000 to 2010 as a research associate of Community Finance Solutions at the University of Salford, he played a leading role in researching and developing Community Land Trusts nationally. This led to the successful development of the Community Land Trust Fund and the National CLT Network trade body. In recent years he has been working similarly on introducing other innovative forms of co-operative economic democracy, social co-operatives for care services and co-operative solutions for self-employed workers. Since 2005 he has also worked internationally as one of several UK members of BALTA – a Canadian research, education and development network involving practically oriented academics from ten universities plus other social economy and co-operative sector network practitioners. Inspired by the work of the late Elinor Ostrom, Pat has specialized in innovative work on Commons solutions since 1999. Many of these solutions are covered in his 2012 book with Mike Lewis The Resilience Imperative: Co-operative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy.

    Articles by

    Pat Conaty

    Toward co-operative commonwealth: transition in a perilous century

    Pat Conaty 10-Feb-2022

    A while ago, we interviewed Pat Conaty, author, academic and stalwart of system change activism. We talked about how to grow the ‘co-operative commonwealth’ and about what constitutes the ‘commons’ in the 21st century. Pat is now part of the Synergia Institute, who have put together a MOOC for those of you involved with social and environmental change, and frustrated at the lack of real change we can see around us. Read more

    How do we grow the ‘co-operative commonwealth’? Interview with Pat Conaty

    Pat Conaty 10-Mar-2019

    We talk about growing a co-operative commonwealth in the second part of an interview with Pat Conaty, senior research fellow at NEF and Co-operatives UK and author of the Resilience Imperative, with Michael Lewis. Read more

    Free online course: Toward Co-operative Common Wealth MOOC

    Pat Conaty 28-Feb-2019

    Calling all activists, practitioners and policy-makers! We share news of a masterclass in movement building in the form of a massive open online course (MOOC) starting on 25th March 2019. Read more

    What are ‘the commons’ in the 21st century? Interview with Pat Conaty

    Pat Conaty 24-Feb-2019

    We meet Pat Conaty, senior research fellow at NEF and Co-operatives UK and co-author of the Resilience Imperative, to discuss ‘the commons’. Read more

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