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    I am a natural explorer at heart and find myself at home in the outdoors. I bought my very first sea kayak, A Venture Easky 15lv, in 2009 and have made the sea my life ever since. I currently own two boats both by Tahe Marine. My Revel I mainly use for extended expeditions because of the extra volume, and a Greenland T my main day boat. I am also in the process of building a cedar strip wooden kayak...but that may be a while. I reside in South Wales a stones throw from the Vale of Glamorgan coastline where I do a lot of my paddling. The beautiful Pembrokeshire coast is only a short drive where you will also find me most weekends.

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    Stuart Yendle

    Building your own sea kayak part 3: cockpit, sealing & fibreglassing

    Stuart Yendle 11-Jul-2017

    In the third instalment of the building your own sea kayak series, after a long break in the build over the winter the materials have arrived for the next stage of the process. The Petrel’s cockpit is recessed to give it a lower profile, which makes Eskimo rolls easier.  The forms are temporally glued to the… Continue reading Building your own sea kayak part 3: cockpit, sealing & fibreglassing Read more

    Building your own sea kayak part 2: hull & deck

    Stuart Yendle 04-Jul-2017

    The first strips are on.  I spent a while setting up the forms on the strongback and securing them with cleats.  I then cut and shaped the stem pieces seen here on the bow. Read more

    Building your own sea kayak part 1: forms & ‘strongback’

    Stuart Yendle 27-Jun-2017

    I’m going to post three articles about how I built my own sea kayak, followed by some articles about the adventures you can have once you’ve built it. The idea is that you buy some detailed plans and follow them carefully. They will guide you through every step of the build. Read more

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