Trevor Hilder

How the viable system model (VSM) can help build a new economy: Trevor Hilder of Web of Wealth

Posted Jan 20 2019 by Trevor Hilder of Web of Wealth
Trevor Hilder of WebofWealth.org explains the viable system model

Today I’m talking with Trevor Hilder of WebofWealth.org, who is a specialist in Stafford Beer’s viable system model (VSM). What I’m really interested in is how we can use the VSM to build a non-extractive, co-operative federation – a federation that’s comprised of a large number of small units, not giant corporations, and not giant co-operatives either. I’m interested in how far we can scale this federation. In March, we’re hosting a meeting of key people working in the new economy, and the aim is to work out how we federate and grow the non-extractive economy in the UK.

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