Blog article & social media policy

Blog articles

You’re very welcome to send us an article for the blog. We’ll put it in front of lots of people, including on social media and possibly in our newsletter. There will be an acknowledgment and a link to you at the top, so it’s good promotion. We don’t pay fees or accept advertising links – apart from to you of course! All we ask in return is that you answer any queries there might be in the comments section below the article. There are three types of blog article we’re looking for:

  1. Educational: this might be about something practical that you’re doing, that can help others do the same; or you might have information about the problems that are being caused by the present system. We’ll need at least one good, main photo, plus any others if you have them. Here are a couple of examples, so you get the feel of what we mean: here’s a guide to obtaining planning permission for an off-grid home, by Pete of the Bulworthy Project, and here’s a guide to building a rocket stove from Steve of Lackan Cottage Farm.
  2. Opinion (as long as it fits with our remit, which should be obvious from the site): this could be a book review, political opinion, a campaign or a rant about something that you think is preventing us moving towards a sustainable, non-corporate system. Again, it will need at least one good, large pic for the featured image at the top. Here are a couple of examples – here’s one about land by Dave of and here’s one about paving front gardens by Hayley of the RHS.
  3. Opportunities: you might have a volunteer opportunity; you might be giving away something or selling something cheaply to the right person/project; or you might have launched a share offer for a community energy or co-operative land project etc. Here’s an example of a give-away; here’s a volunteer opportunity; and here’s a share offer launch.

From experience, these are the three types of post that will interest visitors. What we’re not looking for is an advert for what your business is up to – if you’re looking for promotion, we can put you in the directory for free if you fit our criteria, or you can have a banner ad (see here for more on those options), or you could answer queries in the comments section at the bottom of every topic or blog article; or you could post something in our Facebook group.

There’s no minimum or maximum word count – just something that will interest our visitors.

Blog articles will be accessible from relevant topics, and will remain on the site permanently, with a link to you.

Your article might already be published on your site, in which case we’d tick the ‘noindex’ box on the back end of our site (so that search engines don’t see it – because duplication of content is penalised).

Social media

Please feel free to post relevant content in our Facebook group.