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    Extra tips & tutorials

    What is biodiesel?

    Biodiesel is a fuel for conventional Diesel engines made from plant or animal oils or fats that have been chemically transformed into alkyl esters. Read more

    The diesel engine

    “The use of plant oil as fuel may seem insignificant today. But such products can in time become just as important as kerosene and these coal-tar-products of today.” Read more

    Biodiesel chemistry primer

    This is a working chemistry primer designed to give you the basic chemistry knowledge you need to understand what is happening when you make biodiesel. Read more

    Health & safety

    Before commencing any practical work, it is of the utmost importance to understand the risks involved with making biodiesel. Read more

    How to make simple biodiesel

    In this section we will go through the process of making biodiesel using a simple one-stage base-catalysed transesterification. Read more

    How to make biodiesel in a 100-litre batch reactor

    In order to look in more detail at the issues involved in practical biodiesel production we will take the example of a small-scale batch system making 100-litre batches. Read more

    Variations on the basic method, plus storage

    The ‘basic method’ is the single-stage base-catalysed transesterification method. There are a number of variations on this method which may yield better fuel quality with certain feedstocks. Read more

    What to do with the glycerine

    When you make larger amounts of biodiesel you will inevitably end up with quite a large store of glycerine. Read more

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