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Anaerobic Digestion listing of suppliers and installers throughout Europe, plus lots of other useful information
Biogas information & e-books free e-books, plus lots of information Biogas Information & e-books
Energy Justice Network anti-landfill gas site
George Monbiot scale of production is a problem
Journey to Forever biogas info, plus potential problems
University of Strathclyde analysis of the Holsworthy biogas plant in Devon
Wikipedia biogas

Domestic scale / DIY

Better Farming Series building, testing and using a unit based on an oil drum
Better Farming Series building, testing and using a better unit
Biogas Technology small biogas plant construction guide
Build-a-Biogas-Plant tons of useful information
George Matthews detailed info on making a biogas digester from an oil drum
Grit Magazine how to make a home biogas digester
GTZ biogas plants in animal husbandry
Instructables how to make a micro biogas digester for kitchen waste
Mother Earth News home cookin’ with homemade biogas energy
Scribd gas bio-digester information and construction manual for rural families
Small Farm Permaculture DIY methane generator
Treehugger how to make a DIY anaerobic digester
YouTube how to make a working mini-biodigester that will give you 5 minutes of useable gas per day

Developing countries

Africa Biogas Partnership Programme biogas in Africa
Appropedia how to build and use the Philippine Biodigester system
Biogas Sector Partnership biogas projects in Nepal
Eco Tipping Points Project biogas in China
Ganesha biogas in India
George Matthews 1 detailed info on making a biogas digester from an oil drum, in this case in Nigeria
George Matthews 2 description of a small biogas project in Kenya
George Matthews 3 planning a biogas project for developing countries
GTZ biogas for developing countries
GTZ improved biogas unit for developing countries
GTZ the purification of biogas
Institute of Science in Society biogas in China
Open Ideas domestic biogas development in developing countries
Peace Corps the biogas/biofertilizer business handbook
Practical Action lots of practical articles

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