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Wax information

Beeswax Co beeswax facts
CandleTech calculate the weight of wax for various shapes and sizes of candle
Candle Wic heating, mixing & pouring waxes
Candle Whiz what kind of wax to use
Ezine Articles the variety of different candle waxes and ingredients
Ezine Articles waxes and their role in candlemaking
Let’s Make Candles all about waxes
National Candle Association information and history of waxes
Nature’s Garden candle wax information (pdf)
Nu Scents wax melt & pour temperature chart
Peak Candle Supplies wax melting instructions
Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers wax classification chart
Wikipedia entry for beeswax
Wikipedia entry for paraffin wax

Wick information

Candle Science lots of info on candle wicks
Nature’s Garden wicking chart (pdf)
Nu Scents another wicking chart
One Stop Candle wick pin instructions
Red Ted Art how to make candle wicks
Rustic Escentials wick information
Wick It huge wick recommendation table

How to make candles

A How To Guide for Beautiful Candles good info on how to making candles
Candle Help great resource – lots of free tutorials on all aspects of candlemaking
Cajun Candles step-by-step candlemaking guide
Candle Making at Home how to make scented candles
Candle Science wicking container candles
CandleTech how to make tapered, container, pillar and votive candles
CandleTech calculate the burn time for a candle
Chiltern Open Air Museum workshops for kids on how to make a beeswax candle pictoral guide to making candles
Homestead Recipes 50-page pdf: Making Homemade Soaps & Candles, from 1977
Intermediate Technology (now Practical Action) 25-page pdf: Simple Methods of Candlemaking, from 1975
Let’s Make Candles loads of articles on candlemaking
Made and Remade make your own scented candles on the cheap
My Craft Book how to make multi-coloured layered pillar candles
Nu Scents candlemaking FAQ
Nu Scents how to wick a candle
One Stop Candle a huge resource, including free projects, basic instructions, measurement charts and troubleshooting guide
Practical Action technical brief on candlemaking
Supply Candle making candles using metal moulds
VITA directions for making dipped candles
Wick It tips for making a better candle

Recycling candles

CandleHelp recycling your old candles into votives and tealights
Envocare tips on making recycled candles
Make It and Mend It recycling old candles
WikiHow how to recycle candles

Other information

Care2 11 surprising uses for old candles
Cozy Hearth Candles types of candles
European Candle Association history of candles
Ezine Articles different uses of candles and steps in candlemaking
National Candle Association the science of candles, and how they burn
National STEM Centre teaching primary science – 48-page pdf booklet on candles
Project Gutenberg free e-book – the Chemical History of a Candle, by Michael Faraday
Roots of Ritual the use of candles in ritual
Science Museum candlemaking machine, 1888
Wikipedia entry for candle
Wikipedia history of candlemaking

Associations & societies

Association of European Candlemakers representing candlemakers and suppliers in Europe
British Candlemakers Federation UK trade association
National Candle Association US trade association – plus lots of info
Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers Livery company founded in the 13th century, now focused on charity work
Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers another ancient livery company, representing beeswax candlemakers


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