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    Extra tips & tutorials

    Do you need a chainsaw?

    First, work out if you need a chainsaw at all.  Read more

    Buying a chainsaw

    Make sure you buy at least a semi-professional model as opposed to an ‘occasional-user’ cheap one, which would undboubtedly turn out to be false economy. Read more

    Chainsaw safety

    A chainsaw is one of the most dangerous things you can buy. They can kick and move towards you – unlike other mechanical saws that stay in one place Read more

    Training & certification

    You don’t need special training or certification if you’re using a chainsaw on your own land but you do if you’re using it anywhere else. Read more


    If someone is going to allow you to use a chainsaw on their land, then you need a certificate and they need public liability insurance, because on their land, they have a duty of care for you (even if they’re not employing you). Read more

    Fuel & lubrication

    Chainsaw fuel is a mixture of petrol and oil. The oil is good quality two-stroke oil, suitable for chainsaws. Read more

    Using & looking after your chainsaw

    This guide can’t (and shouldn’t) explain how to use a chainsaw. If you don’t know, then you have to get training of some sort. Read more

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