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This page contains information links rather than commercial links. For courses, products & services, see the icons to the right. If you'd like to suggest a commercial link, see our network page. tutorial on copyleft and the GNU general public licence
Creative Commons copyleft licensing for non-software creative work
Free Software Foundation information on GNU software licensing
GitHub how to choose an open source licence ‘What is Copyleft?’ by Richard Stallman GNU software licences GNU manifesto
knowledge commons protecting knowledge as a common resource
OSHWA Open Source Hardware Association
P2P Foundation Wiki copyleft
P2P Foundation Wiki copyfair licences
P2P Foundation Wiki peer production licences
Riehl & Rubin generating every possible melody, to release into the public domain
Second Enclosure Movement paper by James Boyle, criticising the ‘enclosure of the intangible commons of the mind’
Stacco Troncoso essay: think global, print local and licensing for the commons Richard Stallman’s website (developer of first copyleft licences)
tl;drLegal copyleft licences list
Tragedy of the Anticommons essay by Michael Heller criticising the enclosure of the commons
Wikipedia copyleft
Wikipedia GNU general public licence
Wikipedia open source hardware

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