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How to

Bitcoin how to secure your wallet
Bitcoin Wiki over 1000 wiki pages about Bitcoin reputable place to get a wallet
Coinbase reputable exchange and wallet provider
CoinCentral information / reviews on Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
How to Vanish how to make a Bitcoin payment from an online wallet service
Local Bitcoins buy and sell Bitcoins near you
Start Bitcoin guide to starting with Bitcoin – but especially whether to mine or buy

About cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin the big one
Bitcoin Foundation mission to standardize, protect and promote Bitcoin
CoinDesk about Bitcoin mining pools
CoinGecko ranks coins on their relative strength
Cryptocoins News why altcoins are important in offering different features to Bitcoin, plus further decentralisation
Cryptocurrency market capitalisations listing of cryptocurrencies in terms of market share
Faircoin coin based on ‘proof of stake’ rather than proof of work
the Guardian Bitcoin made simple – video animation
Max Keiser on cryptocurrencies excellent explanation of cryptocurrencies as decentralised applications
Safecoin developing an alternative to the blockchain
Stefan Molyneux video – the truth about Bitcoin

Other interesting stuff

BankersWorstFear why do banks fear Bitcoin?
Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system the 2009 paper by the mysterious ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ that started it all
Cypriot financial crisis what banks will do with your money if they’re up against it
the Guardian just one article of many about the fraudulent activities of banks how society will be transformed by crypto-economics
Mother Jones semi-humorous article speculating on whether Bitcoin could become the official currency of an independent Scotland
Silicon Angle how Honduras is using blockchain technology for its land registry
Stefan Molyneux and Andreas Antonopoulos video – Bitcoin vs the Federal Reserve

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