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Dairy cattle

Backwoods Home Magazine finding, buying, milking and living with the family milk cow
the Cattle Site list of dairy breeds
Dairy Research Centre supporting the dairy industry and developing sustainable ways of farming
Dr Ron US page about keeping a family cow – humanely, not trying to get too much milk
Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association useful article: getting a family cow – lots to consider
Institute of Organic Training & Advice dairy cow nutrition
Mother Earth News keep a family cow and enjoy delicious milk, cream, cheese and more
Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative supplying milk from organic dairy farmers
Soil Association technical information on raising organic dairy cattle


The Backyard Dairy Book pdf of 1975 book by Len Street & Andrew Singer
British Sheep Dairying Association promoting the production, marketing & consumption of quality sheep’s milk products
Compassion in World Farming the problems of conventional dairy farming
the Dairy Council not-for-profit providing info on the health benefits of dairy products
Dairy Equipment Maintenance e-book with a slant towards development
Find Me a Milkman find a local, fresh milk delivery in your area
Hobby Farms home dairying
Milk Float Corner lots of pics of and info on milk floats – great stuff
Practical Action technical briefings on various aspects of dairying
Wikipedia entry for dairy

Making butter, yoghurt & ice-cream

Carnamah Historical Society virtual museum – history of milk, cream & butter production
Cultures for Health how to make yogurt – inc. more technical information
The Guardian article on how to make butter at home
The Guardian and a pictoral guide
The Huffington Post how to make your own Greek yogurt
The Kitchn how to make butter (and cultured butter)
The Kitchn how to make yogurt at home
Michael W Reeps how to make yogurt – a step-by-step tutorial
Organic Gardening Magazine homemade butter
Practical Action making soured milk and yoghurt
Practical Action how to make a yoghurt incubator
Practical Action small-scale butter making
Simply Ice-cream recipe and instructions for freezing


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