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Associations & general information

British Waterfowl Association ducks and geese: education and conservation, events, books, breeders, shows and information leaflets
Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain information; birds for sale; birds wanted
Duck Research Laboratory website designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions about ducks – especially their ailments
FAO Better Farming Series ebook on how to begin keeping ducks
Hobby Farms super ducks! learn about Keeping ducks
Low-cost Living keeping ducks at home in the garden
Metzer Farms commercial site but with lots of useful information in their ‘care & management’ section
Mother Earth News a quick guide to raising ducks for meat over 300 articles on keeping chickens, ducks & geese
University of Minnesota: Small Farms raising ducks
US Dept. of Agriculture duck & goose from farm to table

Diseases and ailments

Find a Vet find your local vet
Duck Research Laboratory Duck research laboratory’s page on duck health
Call Duck Association section on waterfowl diseases: coping with duck ailments
Metzer Farms a good section on duck ailments in their ‘care & management’ section

Hatching and raising

Caroline Crocker information on hatching and raising ducklings
South Yeo Farm good information on incubation, hatching and raising ducklings
Metzer Farms Information on incubating duck eggs
Poultry humidity during incubation of duck eggs; one of many excellent articles on this site
Duck a commercial site but has good info on incubating and hatching
Fresh eggs daily a step-by-step, day-by-day account of duck egg incubation and hatching
Feathersite information on raising ducklings

Breeds of ducks

Ashton Waterfowl info on different breeds of ducks and geese
British Waterfowl Association list of domestic waterfowl, with pics and information
Call Ducks Call Duck Association
Domestic Duck breeds of domestic duck; plus info on keeping them
Domestic Waterfowl lots of info on different breeds; plus links to specialist websites for each breed
Feathersite Ducks listing of breeds of ducks
Indian Runner Ducks Indian Runner Duck Association
Wikipedia list of domestic duck breeds

Cooking / recipes

All Recipes 111 duck recipes
BBC Good Food duck recipes
Great British Chefs duck recipes
Great British Chefs duck egg recipes
Gressingham duck recipe collection
the New Agrarian cooking with duck eggs
the Self-sufficient Home Acre how to use duck eggs


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