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Useful information

All Electric Vehicles fun site with lots of information
Alt Energy Mag a comparison of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, including environmental impact
Driving the Future detailed comparison of emissions for electric and petrol/diesel vehicles
E-car club pay-per-use electric car club
Electric Cars are for Girls after the name has got your attention, this is a fantastic resource
EV Album over 4000 photos of electric vehicles
EV Driven zillions of articles from the web on everything to do with EVs
EVUK electric vehicle news
EV World US site with hundreds of web links related to electric vehicles
GoinGreen promoting EVs, especially the G-Wiz, in the UK; sales of second-hand G-Wiz, and database of potential customers if you have a vehicle to sell
Government Grants for electric vehicles
Green Car Guide electric vehicles have lower carbon footprints than conventional cars
Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership detailed report on the life cycle carbon assessment of conventional, electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars (pdf download)
Milk Float Corner lots of pics of and info on milk floats – great stuff
Next Green Car information and buyers’ guide to electric and hybrid cars; great resource
Pluginsure EV insurance specialists
Revenge of the Electric Car movie – well worth watching
Transport for London registration form for congestion charge exemption
Who Killed the Electric Car? movie explaining how large corporations, especially oil companies, suppressed the development of the electric vehicle
Wikipedia entry for electric cars
Wikipedia list of electric cars currently available
Zap-Map map of UK charging points

Associations & groups

Avere European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Battery Vehicle Society network for exchanging information and ideas on all aspects of current and historic EVs
Electric Boat Association UK not-for-profit promoting peace and tranquility on the waterways
EV Association Scotland network of EV owners in Scotland
EV Network UK members agree to share their charging points at their homes or workplaces, thereby massively increasing availability
Source East promoting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the east of England
Source London promoting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in London
Source West promoting electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in and around Bristol
Switch EV independent operator of electric vehicle infrastructure
Switch EV trialing 44 different electric vehicle models
WEVA World Electric Vehicle Association – promoting research and development

Building / converting your own electric vehicle

Convert 2 EV
DIY Electric Car
DIY Electric Vehicle Conversion Project
How To Electric Car

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