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Starting and maintaining a fire

All Natural video tutorial on starting a fire with a bow-drill
The Art of Manliness 9 ways to start a fire without matches
Fire Making No. 5 of Richard Graves’ free bushcraft books
Natural Bushcraft 20 articles / videos on fire starting in the wild
Pathfinder lots of videos on different ways to make fire, including solar ignition
Paul Kirtley detailed article about using a bow-drill
Practical Survivor fire-starting articles, including hand-drill, bow-drill, flint & steel, magnesium block, fire piston and more
Primitive Ways the miracle of fire-by-friction
Ravenlore fire-starting info
Survival, Tracking & Awareness fire and firemaking, with details on hand-drills and bow-drills
WikiHow 70+ articles under the category ‘outdoor fire skills’
Wikipedia entry on firelighting
Wilderness Survival article on firecraft, from basic principles to materials, building and lighting a fire
Wildwood Survival list of fire-starting techniques
Youtube how the Vikings made fire with flint and steel

Open fire cooking

Campfires Burning recipes for open fire cooking
Eartheasy campfire cooking – including building the fire and recipes
Guardian tips for cooking over an open fire basic campfire cooking
YTravel tips for cooking over an open fire

Prehistoric use of fire

BBC early human fire skills revealed
Beyond Vegetarianism when was fire first controlled by human beings
Current Anthropology (pdf) Hominid use of Fire in the Middle & Lower Pleistocene: a Review of the Evidence
Science fire and stone
Science fire as an engineering tool of early modern humans
Science Now quest for fire began earlier than thought
Wikipedia entry for ‘control of fire by early humans’


Campfires Burning list of campsites in the UK that allow open fires
Scouts campfire safety

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