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Magazine of Forest Bathing International. Forest Bathing International (FOBI) was founded by the leadership team of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). Its purpose is to serve as a “big tent” organization of friendship and collaboration for forest therapy and shinrin-yoku practitioners from all backgrounds, regardless of training and certification. Our mission is to support ongoing international dialogue and friendship in forest therapy, and to contribute to initiatives to further develop and improve forest therapy and provide opportunities for forest therapy practitioners and researchers. Our core values are friendship, curiosity, inclusion, and professionalism.


There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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