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Puddling clay (the most natural way to build a pond)

NB: it’s best to source puddling clay locally – either from your own land, from a local farmer or building site, or search for local suppliers
BTCV puddling clay section from BTCV’s online book on wetlands
Dandy’s will deliver any tonnage of puddling clay
Garden Web lots of useful info on this US forum on puddling clay and stopping leaks
Gardening Masterclass articles on building a puddled clay pond
Woodfields deliver puddling clay by the tonne in the Midlands

Pond installers

Aquamaintenance Hertfordshire
Aquatic Engineering lots of specialist aquatic services and products, Isle of Wight
FlowerpotMan Bristol & North Somerset
The Go Wild Gardening Company specialise in wildlife ponds, Oxfordshire
Naiad Pond Services Surrey
Paul Dyer nationwide
PondKeeper Teeside

Pond plants & wildlife

British Wild Flower Plants sell plants for in and around ponds
BTCV pond vegetation tables A-Z listing with information on British pond plants
Froglife UK charity committed to conserving frogs and amphibians
Go Native Plants sell only native British water plants
Merebrook Pond Plants sell pond plants & pond snails
Naturescape sell pond plants & pond snails
Pond Explorer great resource for kids and teachers, including an identification guide for pond creatures
Pond Life Identification Kit fascinating site about the microscopic creatures you will find in your pond
Puddle Plants sell pond plants & plugs
Stapeley Water Gardens sell kits of 40, 25 and 15 types of native water plants to stock a pond
VeggieGlobal how to make a wildlife pond
Warnham Local Wildlife Reserve pond life with photos
Wetland Plants sell wetland plants, including UK native plants
Wildflower Shop sell native pond plants
Wildlife Gardener attracting newts to your garden pond
Wildlife Trusts IMPORTANT: prevent pests campaign to stop the spread of invasive species of pond plants and animals that are sold in aquarium and pond shops – buy native species!

More information / products

Beautiful Britain how to build a wildlife pond using a typical liner kit
British Ecological Society construction of a school pond
Build-a-Pond.com how to build a pond – again using a liner kit
Build Your Own Pond more info on pond building with a liner kit
Cetco Akwaseal liner with 2 plastic membranes and bentonite clay
Clear Water Revival natural swimming pools
Ezine articles series of articles about building and stocking ponds
QartenART natural swimming pools
Liners Online pond liners
Mother Earth News building a larger pond
Pond Conservation national charity dedicated to creating and protecting ponds and the wildlife they support
Pond Liners Direct butyl rubber liners
Pond Solutions lots of info on this website, by water gardener Peter May
Russetts heavy-duty pond liners
Waterways & Wetlands BTCV online book
Woodhouse Natural Pools natural swimming pools
You Tube video of a pond being built with a liner

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