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Getting started and training

All about sheepdogs  great information on getting started, handler training in Somerset
Herding on the Web US site with lots of useful information 
International Sheep Dog Society registration, information, sheepdog trials
Real time canine blogspot daily journal of the training of a sheepdog puppy
Sheepdogs lots of good info on working and training sheepdogs
The working sheepdog website excellent blog, tutorials and articles for all experience levels and dogs for sale


Border collie health forum sharing information about border collie health problems to help breeders
RSPCA spotting early signs of illness in your dog
The Kennel Club lots of articles on health issues in dogs
Vets Now lots of articles on health issues in dogs

Feeding sustainably

Dogs first how to make a raw diet for dogs, including nutritional information
Dogs naturally raw feeding primer, a good place to start
How to: be a sustainable pet owner includes a recipe for raw  ‘biologically appropriate’ dog food

Border collies

Border Collie Club of Great Britain promoting the breeding and working of border collies
Border collie database info on dogs registered with the International Sheepdog Society
Border collie museum fascinating website on the history of the border collie as a working sheepdog
Border Collie Rescue Rescuing, retraining and rehoming border collies, including as working dogs
Border Collie Trust rescuing and rehoming border collies in the UK

Trialing and regional societies

English national sheep dog trials English trials diary and news
Irish national sheep dog trials Irish trials diary and news
ISDS sheep dog archive a list of local sheep dog societies
Scottish national sheepdog trials Scottish trials diary and news
Welsh national sheepdog trails Welsh trials diary and news, plus regional societies


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