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    Extra tips & tutorials

    A tip to stop seeds retaining water and rotting during sprouting

    This is a method of rinsing using a recycled plastic yoghurt pot (or something similar), with holes made in the bottom (from the inside). Put a handful of soaked seeds inside, rinse them well and drain them Read more

    How to tell the difference between feathery roots and mould

    Sometimes seeds get broken and go mouldy. You can just throw out the mouldy bits, rinse, and the rest will be OK. Sometimes the whole batch will have to be thrown away, but often, mould looks a lot like healthy, feathery roots. Read more

    Instructions for sprouting

    Sprouting Directions: these directions for one a 1-litre sprouting jar. If you are using a 2-litre jar, double the amount of seeds. Read more

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