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astronomy-nowAstronomy Now

Astronomy Now is the UK’s biggest astronomy magazine, with 132 feature-packed pages. Since 1987 it has been essential reading for astronomers in the UK and around the world. Each month, the magazine contains features, reviews, news and practical guides on all aspects of astronomy, from the latest scientific discoveries to advice for those discovering the night sky for the first time.



Astronomy offers you the most exciting visually stunning thorough, and timely coverage of the heavens above.  Each monthly issue includes expert science reporting, vivid color photography, complete sky-event coverage, spot-on observing tips, informative telescope reviews, and more. All of this comes in an easy-to-understand user-friendly style that’s perfect for astronomers at any level. Names such as Walther, Berry, Maas, and Burnham long ago established the magazine’s stable foundation; the future will expand on this terrific first 40 years. Names you see in the magazine today will carry on this tradition of excellence.


sky-and-telescopeSky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope is the essential guide to astronomy, showcasing each month a wide array of celestial events and astronomy news. Our online table of contents give you an overview of what each issue offers: the magic of the night sky, groundbreaking astronomy research, visual observing challenges, and astrophotography advice. Many of our articles are enhanced with “beyond the printed page” extras, including movies, simulations, and image galleries, and you’ll find those here as well.



Sky at Night

As well as complementing the television programme with in-depth features on the latest areas of cosmological research, Sky at Night magazine is your practical monthly guide to astronomy, featuring star charts, observing tutorials and in-depth equipment reviews. Whatever your level of knowledge, you?ll find something to enjoy in the night sky.

100 pages, includes: articles, product reviews, information about local groups, observation guides, sky guides, latest news, technical kit advice, letters, accessories, events, photographs, book reviews.


all-about-spaceAll About Space

Every issue of All About Space takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through our Solar System and beyond, from the amazing technology and spacecraft that enables humanity to venture into orbit, to the complexities of space science. The magazine also features a regular Stargazing section, helping readers get started in the absorbing world of amateur astronomy with how-to guides, kit reviews and advice.



popular-astronomyPopular Astronomy

Popular Astronomy is the bright, informative magazine sent to SPA members every two months. Every issue is packed with articles and features and photographs about all aspects of astronomy. The text is written in a clear and readable style and will appeal to beginners and more experienced amateurs alike.

DOWNLOAD A sample issue of Popular Astronomy magazine (8 MB PDF)



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