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Backpacking Mastery how to make a walking stick step-by-step
Hill Shepherd how to make a shepherd’s crook
Instructables info on making your own basic stick from scratch very cheaply
Making a Brown Trout Stick with ram’s horn head and hazel shank
Phoenix Walking Sticks how to measure the length of stick you need
Pocket Farm Magazine stickmaking: getting a grip on this traditional craft
Self-defence with a Walking Stick fantastic article from 1901 on how to defend yourself with a walking-stick
Stinnett Sticks Youtube channel on US backwoods stick maker
Walking Stick Forum forum on all things to do with walking sticks
Woodland Sticks Youtube channel on stick making
WoodlandsTV video of a stickmaking demonstration
Woodworkers’ Institute description of the techniques involved in making a basic stick
Woolshed how to make a horn-head shepherd’s crook
YouTube video of making a walking stick


Border Stick Dressers Association encouraging the making of walking sticks and crooks by hand, Northumberland
British Stickmaker’s Guild UK organisation for stickmakers
Calleva Stick Dressers organisation to promote and encourage the craft of stick making
Celtic Stickmakers Club promoting traditional stick making, Ireland
Hants and Dorset Stickmakers practicing and promoting stickmaking
Scottish Crookmakers Association encouraging people to take up stick and crook making in Scotland

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