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BBC News how to build a (straw-bale) eco-house for £4,000
Building with Awareness the pros and cons of straw bale wall construction
Geiger Research Institute info, research on sustainable building, especially straw-bale; Colorado, US site to help you find suppliers of hay and straw bales (UK)
Homebuilding & Renovation Magazine article: how to build with straw bale
the Last Straw US straw-bale building magazine
Living in the Future the first two-storey straw-bale house in the UK
National Building Specification guide to straw bale construction
Natural Homes map of straw-bale homes around the world
Straw Bale Building UK (SBUK) promoting straw bale building and best practice lots of useful articles
Straw Works top UK straw-bale builder Barbara Jones; formerly of Amazonails, tutor of’s online course
University of Bath ‘BaleHaus’ – experimental straw-bale building
Wikipedia entry for straw-bale construction

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The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

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