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Suppliers, restaurants, accommodation & catering

Happy Cow vegetarian guide to restaurants and health food stores worldwide
Veg Soc Approved database of products approved by the Vegetarian Society
VegCom UK UK listing of accommodation catering for vegetarians and vegans
Veg Dining listing of vegetarian restaurants around the world

Information & organisations

Go Veggie lots of advice for those becoming vegetarian
ICVN International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
International Vegetarian Union info, articles, recipes, and useful phrases in lots of different languages
Local vegetarian & vegan groups find you local vegetarian group or information centre
The Meatrix brilliant cartoon about factory farming – show it to your kids and email it to your friends
Medline Plus tips for a healthy vegetarian diet
Part-Time Carnivore website encouraging people to eat less meat
Scottish Vegetarian Association vegetarianism in Scotland
US Dept. of Agriculture vegetarian nutrition
Vegetarian 101 advice about going vegetarian
Vegetarian Guides guides to places and festivals for vegetarians
Vegetarian Resource Group not-for-profit dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism
Vegetarian Society membership, info, campaigns, resources for teachers etc.
Veggie Connection vegetarian dating site – worldwide
Why it’s Green to go Vegetarian (pdf) 20-page pdf booklet on the environmental reasons for being veggie
Wikipedia entry for vegetarianism


Vegetarian Resource Group list of veggie recipe sites
Vegetarian Times ‘the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes’ ‘the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes’ – you may have to count them to see who’s lying

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