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Networks, campaigns & associations

English Wine Producers promoting English wines
National Association of Wine & Beermakers (Amateur) primary organisation in England that draws together individuals, clubs, and federations in England who are involved in amateur wine and beer making
the Society of Vintners consortium of family-owned independent wine producers
UK Vineyards Association national association for grape growers and winemakers
Wine Society co-operative non-profit society set up in 1874 to purchase wine direct from growers and supply its members at a reasonable price; also education and information

Make your own – equipment, recipes & information

Farm Bell Recipes making wine without campden tablets
Guardian the science & magic of winemaking
Guardian making dandelion wine
Homebrewers Association how to make mead
How to make wine how to make wine from grapes, including crushing the grapes
Low Cost Living making your own wine
Mother Earth News how to make wine at home – in detail
WikiHow how to make homemade wine
Wikipedia entry on wine
Wikipedia entry on winemaking
Wikipedia entry on mead
WineMaker your first wine from fresh grapes
Winemaking Guides lots of recipes
Winemaking Recipes lots more recipes
WineSkills winemaking knowledge base – huge and detailed resource for experienced winemakers
WineSkills vinegrowing knowledge base – enormous resource for grape-growers


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