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    1. Introduction (pdf)

    2. Introduction (video)

    3. What is a compost toilet? Components (pdf)

    4. Decomposition (pdf)

    5. Carbon:nitrogen ratio (pdf)

    6. Pathogens / hygiene (pdf)

    7. A bit of history (pdf)

    Examples of toilets

    8. Basic bucket toilet system (pdf)

    9. Basic bucket toilet system (video)

    10. First Vallis Veg toilet (pdf)

    11. First Vallis Veg toilet (video)

    12. Market garden and campsite toilet (pdf)

    13. Market garden toilet (video)

    14. Campsite toilet (video)

    15. Campsite washblock toilet (pdf)

    16. New campsite toilets (with waterless urinal) (video)

    17. Our first house toilet (pdf)

    18. The house toilet, including pest control (video)

    19. Processing the urine and faeces (pdf)

    Benefits, options, other processes

    20. Benefits: comparisons with other systems (pdf)

    21. Benefits: water, soil, pollution, energy, cost (pdf)

    22. Buying a compost toilet (pdf)

    23. Various types of basic compost toilet (pdf)

    24. What happens to the urine? (pdf)

    25. Urine separation and processing (video)

    26. Faeces treatment (video)

    27. Wormeries (video)

    Building a compost toilet

    28. Building an indoor compost toilet: tools, materials, planning (pdf)

    29. Chambers (pdf)

    30. Hatch (pdf)

    31. Urinals and drains (pdf)

    32. Steps and platform (pdf)

    33. Vent (pdf)

    34. Seat (pdf)

    35. Handbasin, fly-trap, extras (pdf)

    36. Building a toilet as a house extension, part 1: introduction (video)

    37. Part 2: tools (video)

    38. Part 3: flue (video)

    39. Part 4: room, chambers, accessibility & separating systems (video)

    40. Part 5: connecting the urine tank (video)

    41. Part 6: the seat (video)

    42. Part 7: waterless urinal (video)

    Use, maintenance, troubleshooting, conclusion

    43. Use and maintenance (pdf)

    44. Questions and troubleshooting (pdf)

    45. Regulations (pdf)

    46. The future (pdf)

    47. Conclusion (video)

    Any questions?

    Questions about compost toilets: you can post specific queries at the bottom of our compost toilets topic page.

    Questions / problems about the course: contact us.

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