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    What the fuss is all about: wild swimming in France

    On a low-impact holiday this summer, Kate Williams takes the plunge wild swimming in France to discover why so many prefer it to an indoor swimming pool. Read more

    How might hunter-gatherers have lived on this land?

    Emily Fawcett of the Old Way | 04-Mar-2018 | 0

    Emily Fawcett explores what it might be like to live like our ancestors, to live the old way, on this land. What would it mean to experience life and the land like the indigenous people of these islands – as hunter-gatherers, to return to the Old Way? Read more

    Building your own sea kayak part 3: cockpit, sealing & fibreglassing

    In the third instalment of the building your own sea kayak series, after a long break in the build over the winter the materials have arrived for the next stage of the process. The Petrel’s cockpit is recessed to give it a lower profile, which makes Eskimo rolls easier.  The forms are temporally glued to the… Continue reading Building your own sea kayak part 3: cockpit, sealing & fibreglassing Read more

    Building your own sea kayak part 2: hull & deck

    The first strips are on.  I spent a while setting up the forms on the strongback and securing them with cleats.  I then cut and shaped the stem pieces seen here on the bow. Read more

    Building your own sea kayak part 1: forms & ‘strongback’

    I’m going to post three articles about how I built my own sea kayak, followed by some articles about the adventures you can have once you’ve built it. The idea is that you buy some detailed plans and follow them carefully. They will guide you through every step of the build. Read more

    More plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050? Could you give up plastic?

    The Marine Conservation Society is urging people to get through June without plastic. The Plastic Challenge will highlight our reliance on this substance of convenience. Read more

    New report: number of plastic bags on UK beaches falls by almost half – so charging 5p for plastic bags works?

    The number of plastic carrier bags found on UK beaches in surveys carried out by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has dropped by almost half between 2015 and 2016. This is the lowest number reported in over a decade, and fantastic news for marine wildlife. Read more

    Fancy kayaking around the Cornish coast to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society?

    That’s a basking shark’s fin, by the way – they grow up to 26ft long, but eat plankton rather than humans. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the UK’s leading marine charity, is behind a fantastic opportunity to see one of the most spectacular parts of the UK’s coastline from a kayak Read more

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