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  • Posted March 8th, 2023

    Housing co-op seeking founder members

    Housing co-op seeking founder members

    Lusan Housing Co-op is a fully mutual co-operative, registered with the FCA and applying to join Radical Routes. There’s six of us at the moment and we’re actively seeking more founder members. We are going to start raising loanstock in April and hope to buy land and buildings somewhere in Dumfries and Galloway later this year. No capital required.

    Get in touch if you tick the following boxes:

    • You’re restless where you are now, and long to live on acres of land.

    • You identify as ethical vegan – in other words, actively non-carnist.

    • You love nature and care about biodiversity. If you care for any rescued animals, you will make sure that they don’t pose a threat to wildlife.

    • You like being in a group as much as spending time alone.

    • You’re a good communicator, who replies to emails and engages fully with discussions and planning.

    • You either live within travelling distance of the Scottish border, or are in the process of relocating. (Most of our meetings have an online option, though some are 100% in person, with the option to stay overnight).

    Word tree for housing co-op
    Lusan Housing Co-op seeking founder members

    We’re seeking new founder members for our housing co-op until 31st March 2023. After that, people can still join if there’s a vacancy, and will be probationary members for the first six months, playing an active role in the group, though without the power to block decisions.

    For a Q&A, contact form and our secondary co-op rules, see: www.lusancoop.co.uk

    Or email us: [email protected]

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