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  • Posted May 10th, 2023

    Human scale technology at the Green Fair

    Human scale technology at the Green Fair

    This is a call out to designers, inventors, makers and creators of alternatively powered human scale appropriate technology. We want to come together at the Green Scythe Fair on June the 10th & 11th in Somerset, to share, test, develop, research, showcase and cross pollinate our myriad wonderful ideas.

    I see the area of human scale technology as having huge significance globally in supporting the livelihoods of existing and potential small-scale makers and growers – to develop or maintain independence and resilience.

    Harness human scale technology, together.

    I know that there are amazing people and teams out there doing great work towards this, and I would love to harness the creative potential of collaboration.

    We are so often isolated and tucked away in our heads and workshops, that I hope this space will serve to enliven, inspire and support. As the first year of holding this event, I want to also co-create how this could grow and develop to meet both the developer and the user needs.

    Our space on human scale technology could include:

    • Brainstorming and co-lab making sessions,
    • Workshops, specialist tutorials and upskilling,
    • Testing and performance trials,
    • showcasing and public outreach,
    • Access to funding, grants, awards (scythe fair has offered
      some funds)
    • Sharing of resources

    Saturday is without the public and gives us space to be creative and put our heads together, whilst Sunday sees about 5000 people pass
    through and is a great opportunity for outreach and showcasing.

    We have use of covered and plenty of outside space.

    Booking is essential and is now done through the Green Scythe Fair
    website. Camping available at Thorney Lakes. Saturday meals pre-bookable through me. All general logistic info available on the website. No extra costs for this event.

    Please contact me if you are interested, have any questions or ideas,
    want to be kept in the loop or have any other contacts that I should
    know about.

    Really looking forward to meeting you,

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