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  • Posted March 21st, 2017

    Would you like to be a chef on an organic farm / cafe, with a small cottage available too?

    Would you like to be a chef on an organic farm / cafe, with a small cottage available too?

    Sinking into a bit of a depression about both the British and American situation this winter a wise friend kindly reminded me that these issues are merely a distraction from more important things in our everyday lives. Like living as lightly as possible on this fragile earth. Trying to feed ourselves locally, helping our fellow global human beings and reducing waste in all its forms. Of course the political situation of today might affect us all adversely at some point but today I celebrate the miracle of nature that turns the tiniest of seeds into a delicious vegetable and as the circle of the seasons keeps turning the anticipation of spring days and a full propagation tunnel are uppermost in my mind.

    Thinking of vegetables, (which I do a lot of the time), we will this year start to reap the benefits of the asparagus patch just outside the café verandah that Andy planted in 2015. After 2 years left alone – highly tempting but not touched – when the weather warms up we will start picking from it so there should be piles of bunches in the shop in a few weeks time.

    Just don’t tell the asparagus beetle.

    This place has been created for people to relax, eat, and enjoy shopping in the knowledge that much of the food is from the farm, where the animals are respected and the soil nurtured.

    The café at the organic farm shop is getting busier and busier. We started with just 4 little tables in 1999, and now we can serve 100 easily.  We are still a café, although we serve lots of hot food. Its vegetarian and vegan Tuesday to Saturday with one meat option from the farm on Sundays.  I have been a vegetarian for over 45 years now, and love the one option bit – I am sure this will resonate with many other vegetarians of old, tired of only having one veggie option every time we go out to eat.  We don’t really go out to eat anymore, as we are so spoilt here – organic always, fresh always, local mainly, and vegetarian.  So I come to the important thing in my mind at the moment.

    The kitchen has 4 cooks/chefs and needs another one.  We would like to find someone as passionate about vegetables and local food as we are, someone who maybe has had enough of the chefing world and would like to settle down on an organic farm in the countryside with a lovely full time but only 40 hour job, no split shifts, no evenings unless you want to help with the odd pop up, and no shouting colleagues.

    There is even a small cottage for the right applicant.

    So if you know someone who might fit the bill, please check out our jobs page on our website http://www.theorganicfarmshop.co.uk/jobs/

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    • 1Jacinta March 27th, 2017

      Beautiful, just beautiful a little bit of vegetarian heaven on earth. I wish I was a chef. Good luck finding someone. Jacinta

    • 2Helen Newman March 27th, 2017

      Where in the coutry is this please?

    • 3hilary chester-master March 27th, 2017

      Cirencester, Gloucestershire

    • 4Maria Olsthoorn March 29th, 2017

      What a stunning place you have created. If I was in my 20s I would come running. I’ll be turning 60 next week and am not a chef either, but love the organic, vegan, ethics of your place. I wish you every success.

    • 5Rachel Edis March 30th, 2017

      Recently came across your website while browsing the internet …….. And WOW , haven’t you grown !!! . Remember visiting your shop when you first started out , looks a lot different now . Think i need to get out more , definatly going to start by paying you a visit ( going to keep my eye on your jobs page to ).

    • 6Maggi Scott March 31st, 2017

      What a beautiful advert. If I was free i I would love to come. I would love that we saw so many more of these sort of these lovely workplace reach outs. I think you will find someone lovely.

    • 7Lilian Romme March 31st, 2017

      This sounds like a wonderful opportunity, I am a community chef with a lot of experience and a passion for cooking intuitively with whatever organic and locally sourced seasonal ingredients are in the garden or pantry.(mostly vegan and vegetarian.} I have two children 10 year old daughter and a13 year old son. We would love to live in a cottage in the countryside and move out of the big city.

    • 8makaela April 3rd, 2017

      I’m not a chef…But I would be happy to muck in…in a smaller way…If your property is not rented…./ taken..Just me…& 3 cats / 3 chickens..Into all things healthy…Esp food…& Clean Living etc…Currently a Yoga teacher…wanting to start up Yin Yoga..& Meditation & healthy Living classes..Please do get in touch if there are any other opportunities..or you might know of anywhere else to rent / live…I am looking for something rural…even an area of private land / clearing for a potential HouseTruck…at this stage..Many Thanks.

    • 9hilary chester-master April 3rd, 2017

      hi makaela

      thanks for the post. we do need the cottage for a chef. hope you find a lovely spot. hilary

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