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  • Posted May 15th, 2022

    We’re taking on a paid intern: you, maybe?

    We’re taking on a paid intern: you, maybe?

    We’re looking for a paid intern. Contact us if you think this might be you, and please do pass it on to anyone you think might be a likely candidate. We initially have up to £600 per month available for the right person, depending on how much time you can put in – and there will be opportunities for you and others to bring in more income to pay for more work for you to do.

    This could be very exciting if you’re the right kind of person. You’ll learn a lot, meet fascinating people, have interesting conversations, become part of the co-op, help bring about change, have a real opportunity to contribute ideas that can shape our strategy. But we don’t want to sugar coat it – it will be hard work for not much money – at least at first (the money might change, although the hard work won’t). Any new money coming into co-op, a chunk will go to you, because the work is important.

    The role

    Initially, the two main areas will be:

    1. Networking, including building the directory; finding and re-blogging relevant articles by other like-minded groups and individuals; recruiting specialist advisors and getting people’s queries answered; newsletter; social media.

    2. Admin; correspondence; transcribing interviews; learning about the website back-end; problem-solving; attending co-op meetings; liaising with other co-op members.

    How the role could develop

    So although the role could start off being a tad ‘dogsbody’, if you have the drive, you could be doing some quite interesting things relatively quickly – for example, interviewing people building the components of the new economy / monetary system, living in innovative, sustainable ways, or who have interesting philosophical ideas; recording, publishing, transcribing and blogging those interviews; writing blog articles; participating in strategic co-op meetings; adding content to the website; fundraising.

    You’ll learn about mutual credit, use-credit obligations, the Credit Commons, and how the institutions of the new economy could be built around a new monetary system.

    If you’re committed to the same things that we are, you can develop your own ideas and use Lowimpact as a vehicle for putting them into practice, to help contribute to building a better kind of society. If things go well, you’ll eventually become a full co-op member and part-owner of Lowimpact and sister sites.

    Who we’re looking for

    Someone for whom this kind of work isn’t a ‘job’ but a cause – the sort of thing you’d be doing anyway. It would suit a creative, clever, committed person. Because of the networking aspect, you’d have to be unfazed by, and ideally like, communicating with new people, via any suitable medium, including (heaven forfend) phone. Reasonably tech-savvy; happy to roll your sleeves up and solve problems / make things happen; track record of relevant things; up for a challenge; resilient (although you’ll be part of a supportive team).

    What to do next

    Read our ‘About’ page and feed back. Does it make sense? How does it tally with your own ideas around change?

    Send CV, and anything else you think might sway us – examples of writing, references, brilliant ideas – anything.

    To some of you, we’ll send a more detailed job description and person spec. Please don’t be offended if we don’t – we’re under-resourced.

    Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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