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    Part 1: Introduction

    1. Introduction (pdf)

    2. Introduction (video)

    3. Why and wherefore: cost-effectiveness, system choice, requirements & size, site, grants (pdf)

    Part 2: Components and installation

    4. System components: quality, panels, batteries, charge controller, rectifier, inverter, meters, fuses, other electrical components (pdf)

    5. Panels: different types, orientation, inclination, roof, ground, pole and wall mounting, series & parallel connections, making your own tracker (pdf)

    6. Panels (video)

    7. Roof installation (video)

    8. Tracking system (video)

    Part 3: batteries

    9. Batteries: different types, capacity, installation, maintenance, equalising charge, sizing your battery bank, problems, testing, topping up, drop-testing, second-hand batteries (pdf)

    10. Battery care (video)

    Part 4: Electricity

    11. Electricity: voltage, current, watts, resistance, parallel and series, volt drop, cable size, generators, three-phase (pdf)

    12. Electricity, multi-meters and Ohm’s law (video)

    Part 5: The System

    13. Grid-connected systems: advantages and disadvantages, inverter and generation-system compatibility (pdf)

    14. Building a system: batteries, panels, home wiring, charge controller, meters, inverter, bonding, cables, fuses, getting it working (pdf)

    15. The System: batteries, charge controllers, inverters, cabling, fuses (video)

    Part 6: Build your own panels

    16. Build your own solar panels (pdf)

    17. Build your own panels 1: sort and cut cells, cut and solder tabs, short string and test (video)

    18. Build your own panels 2: string panel, encapsulate, compress, trim, frame, seal (video)

    Part 7: Conclusions

    19. Primary research: study questions, data recording, preconceptions, results, study limitations, conclusions (pdf)

    20. So there you are: buying power, global trading, in reality, and finally (pdf)

    21. Research and payback data (pdf)

    22. Resources: suppliers, installers, courses, books, grants and funding, planning permission, solar insolation, other useful information (pdf)

    23. Conclusion (video)

    Any questions?

    Questions about solar pv: you can post queries at the bottom of our solar electricity topic page.

    Questions / problems about the course: contact us.

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