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    Badly performing heat pumps?

    John Cantor 07-Sep-2022

    John Cantor from HeatPumps.co.uk asks the question: Are some heat pumps performing as badly as various recent stories have been reporting? Read more

    Heating old buildings with heat pumps

    John Cantor 16-Mar-2022

    It looks as though heat pumps are going to provide a lot more of our heating in the future – although there has been some controversy about how well they work in old buildings. Heat pump specialist John Cantor answers some of those concerns. Read more

    Things to think about when considering an air source heat pump

    John Cantor 23-Feb-2022

    We cover ground-source heat pumps more than air-source heat pumps in our topic introduction, so here’s some additional information about air-source heat pumps from our advisor John Cantor: Read more

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