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    I’ve been allotment gardening and growing my own vegetables, fruit and herbs for nearly 50 years now. I was lucky enough to get a good grounding from my grandfather, and I've learned a lot from my mistakes along the way.

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    John Harrison

    Fruit & vegetable growing guide for December

    John Harrison 28-Nov-2016

    Predicting winter weather is as hard as predicting summer weather in Britain, which makes it difficult to advise on jobs. We’re pretty sure of seeing some hard frosts but those dreaming of a white Christmas are actually more likely to see a white Easter. Read more

    What to sow, plant and harvest in your polytunnel or greenhouse in November

    John Harrison 30-Oct-2016

    We usually don’t think about our tunnel or greenhouse in November. There is very little need for it especially if you have planted the winter salads and overwintering garlic cloves and onion sets in October. There is much less need for watering and also the weeds have slowed down. Read more

    Fruit & vegetable growing guide for November

    John Harrison 28-Oct-2016

    November is the month when the hard frosts and heavy rain usually arrive so it’s important to grab whatever time you can on the plot in case you don’t get another chance. Read more

    What to sow, plant and harvest in your polytunnel or greenhouse in October

    John Harrison 29-Sep-2016

    October is the month for clearing and tidying. Your cucumbers and courgettes are likely to be finished and many other plants are getting exhausted and diseased, but hopefully you have a batch of new salad crops ready to plant out now. Read more

    Fruit & vegetable growing guide for October

    John Harrison 28-Sep-2016

    October is really the last of the hectic months on the vegetable plot. There’s little to sow and plant but still a fair amount to harvest and store away to eat through winter. This is the month when the first frosts usually arrive so killing off all but the hardy plants. Read more

    Progress? Is modern food production efficient (using poultry as an example)?

    John Harrison 14-Sep-2016

    We often hear it said that modern farming is efficient and results in low cost food on our table but how true is that? I would contend that there is an awful lot wrong with our food production and distribution systems in the west and the much vaunted efficiency is far from being the true… Continue reading Progress? Is modern food production efficient (using poultry as an example)? Read more

    Viable self-sufficiency

    John Harrison 07-Feb-2016

    Back 40 years ago in 1976, John Seymour’s most famous work –The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency – was published. It was billed as for dreamers and realists which was pretty accurate. Read more

    How to buy, dismantle and re-build a second-hand greenhouse

    John Harrison 12-Dec-2015

    A large good quality greenhouse can cost anything from £500 to well over £1,000, which can make a substantial dent in anyone’s budget. So, having decided that I really wanted a greenhouse, I scoured the local papers “for sale” columns. Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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