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    Nick Mann has lived in Somerset since 2001, from where he runs his business Habitat Aid. Through selling hedge plants he became interested in hedgelaying (which he learnt to do locally) and the history and role of hedges in the landscape. He writes on this and other gardening and environmental topics.

    Articles by

    Nick Mann

    Designing your garden for extreme heat

    Nick Mann 10-Aug-2022

    Many perennials, shrubs and trees – particularly newly planted – are going to struggle in the kind of conditions we’re faced with as I write – record high temperatures after months of low rainfall. What can we do to help them? Read more

    Hedgelaying and culture wars

    Nick Mann 22-Dec-2021

    Nick Mann bemoans the fact that many concerned about conservation are opposing hedgelaying on social media because of a perception that it’s damaging to plants and wildlife. Read more

    Neonicotinoids and climate change

    Nick Mann 21-Jan-2021

    With neonicotinoids back in the news this month, Nick Mann of Habitat Aid shares his views on the growing threat they pose in combination with climate change. Read more

    The Wool Carder bee – and why it’s one of my favourites

    Nick Mann 29-Jul-2020

    Which are your favourite species of bee? For Nick Mann of Habitat Aid, ranking high among them is the Wool Carder bee. Read more

    Sowing wildflower seed onto grass

    Nick Mann 17-Jun-2020

    Keen to transform your lawn into a wildflower meadow but not sure how? Nick Mann of Habitat Aid shares his guide to sowing wildflower seed onto grass. Read more

    Blossom, blossom and more blossom!

    Nick Mann 27-May-2020

    Nick Mann of Habitat Aid charts a five month journey of beautiful blossom and how people and pollinators alike can benefit from its bounty. Read more

    Hedgelaying for wildlife: it’s worth the effort

    Nick Mann 22-Jan-2020

    We hear from Nick Mann of Habitat Aid about why hedgelaying for wildlife is well worth the effort – and the workout – it entails. Read more

    Wildflower meadows in spring: what to look forward to

    Nick Mann 18-Dec-2019

    As the winter solstice approaches, Nick Mann of Habitat Aid takes a welcome look forward to the delights of his wildflower meadows in spring. Read more

    Why hedgelaying makes a better hedge

    Nick Mann 23-Oct-2019

    Providing safe passage for wildlife and a sturdy windbreak, Nick Mann of Habitat Aid shares his views on the rich rural tradition of hedgelaying and why he’s such a fan. Read more

    How to store apples over the winter: a brief guide

    Nick Mann 17-Sep-2019

    You’ve picked your apples but what to do now? Learn how to make the best of the harvest with Nick Mann’s brief guide to how to store apples over the winter. Read more

    In the meadow: rediscovering the extraordinary ordinary

    Nick Mann 11-Jun-2019

    As summertime nears, Nick Mann of Habitat Aid shares a snapshot of a Somerset meadow, rediscovering the extraordinary ordinary of the nature found within. Read more

    How to make a windbreak: the best trees and shrubs to use

    Nick Mann 14-Mar-2019

    We learn about the best trees and shrubs to use to make a windbreak for your garden or smallholding with Nick Mann of Habitat Aid. Read more

    Plants for bees in late winter: how your garden can help them through

    Nick Mann 26-Feb-2019

    If it’s warm in February the bees will be in trouble. Nick Mann of Habitat Aid explains how you can help with plants for bees in your garden. Read more

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