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    Can you support Lowimpact.org?

    Rebecca Stacey 07-Mar-2024

    Support the lowimpact community – help sustain our site and continue our membership. Read more

    Climate Crisis? Now what?

    Rebecca Stacey 20-Feb-2024

    The climate crisis is real and is having an impact on our life now. Read ways that we can help you and fight that anxiety. Read more

    Vision for a UK-Wide ‘Market Garden Renaissance’ from the Landworkers Alliance

    Rebecca Stacey 10-Jan-2024

    Landworkers Alliance (LWA) launched its brand new report “Horticulture Across Four Nations” at a panel discussion at the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC). Read more

    New edition of Wind and Solar launched!

    Rebecca Stacey 24-Nov-2023

    Andy Reynolds author, instructor, experimenter, forester, and long term promoter of low impact and self reliant living has partnered with lowimpact.org to release an updated version of his popular book ‘Wind and Solar Electricity: A practical DIY guide’. Read more

    Can you have a low impact Halloween?

    Rebecca Stacey 24-Oct-2023

    Can you have a low impact Halloween? Read on for some tips for a sustainable Halloween that will save you money and be low impact! Read more

    Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court

    Rebecca Stacey 15-Aug-2023

    A resistance festival of free workshops and music is taking place at Monkton Wyld Court, nr Lyme Regis. This is in support of the community that has run Monkton Wyld Court for the last fifteen years, and is now threatened by incoming charity trustees. Monkton Wyld Court is the site of a microdairy which dates… Continue reading Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court Read more

    Earth Overshoot day and the importance of low impact living

    Rebecca Stacey 02-Aug-2023

    Today (August 2nd) is Earth Overshoot day. Not heard of this? It means that between January 1st and August 2nd our use of Earth’s resources is equivalent to what it can regenerate in a year. Our demand on nature exceed it’s biocapacity. Sadly, since 1971 this date has crept forward as we continue to live… Continue reading Earth Overshoot day and the importance of low impact living Read more

    How sustainable is fashion? Fashion Reimagined: A review

    Rebecca Stacey 07-Jun-2023

    Fashion Reimagined is a documentary film that will make you rethink what can be achieved in sustainable fashion. Read more

    Do you know your carbon footprint? (And does it matter?)

    Rebecca Stacey 24-May-2023

    How useful is it to know our carbon footprint? Read more

    Housing co-op seeking founder members

    Rebecca Stacey 08-Mar-2023

    Lusan Housing Co-op is a fully mutual co-operative, registered with the FCA and applying to join Radical Routes. There’s six of us at the moment and we’re actively seeking more founder members. We are going to start raising loanstock in April and hope to buy land and buildings somewhere in Dumfries and Galloway later this… Continue reading Housing co-op seeking founder members Read more

    Lowimpact jobs board launches! 

    Rebecca Stacey 15-Feb-2023

    At last! Here at Lowimpact we’re very proud to be finally launching our Lowimpact jobs board. A service that so many of you have asked for over the years – and we know will be so useful in connecting job seekers with employers. You can find it here. The jobs board is dedicated to showcasing… Continue reading Lowimpact jobs board launches!  Read more

    Village halls – a sustainable success story  

    Rebecca Stacey 25-Jan-2023

    Our village halls can be a beacon for sustainable living, community activities and the sharing of ideas! Read more

    Our most popular posts in 2022

    Rebecca Stacey 28-Dec-2022

    Read through new posts this year and look back at the most popular posts on the site from 2022. Read more

    Cumbria coal mine – anger, disbelief and shock

    Rebecca Stacey 20-Dec-2022

    A new coal mine has been approved in Cumbria – but we can not allow it to go ahead. Read more

    Can running be low-impact?

    Rebecca Stacey 09-Nov-2022

    Ultra-runner Damian Hall tells Low-Impact how his sport can be sustainable and low-impact. Read more

    Fighting our food waste habit

    Rebecca Stacey 19-Oct-2022

    How improving our food waste habit can save us money and reduce our carbon footprint. Read more

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