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    Scarlett Penn is the co-ordinator of WWOOF UK, and a director of the global Federation of WWOOF Organisations. For a long time Scarlett has lived and farmed with other people in intentional communities, hosting many volunteers along the way. Recently, she’s taken on a smallholding of her own near Ludlow, Shropshire.

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    Scarlett Penn

    New found freedom: WWOOFing as a digital nomad

    Scarlett Penn 08-Apr-2021

    Are you a remote worker dreaming of pastures new? WWOOFer Imogen shares how her experience of WWOOFing as a digital nomad enabled her to combine making a living with meaningful volunteering. Read more

    Paid internship opportunity with Vallis Veg for 2021

    Scarlett Penn 25-Nov-2020

    Our friends at WWOOF UK share news of a 2021 internship opportunity with the fab folks at Vallis Veg in northeast Somerset. Read more

    The upside of lockdown: WWOOFing in Shropshire

    Scarlett Penn 13-May-2020

    When the coronavirus crisis hit, Imogen Lacey was volunteering through WWOOF UK, living and working on a smallholding in exchange for accommodation, food and a wealth of learning opportunities. Here she shares her personal experiences of WWOOFing in Shropshire under lockdown. Read more

    From folk music to pheasants with Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK

    Scarlett Penn 07-Mar-2019

    Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK recounts an illuminating evening of music and debate, after encountering a pheasant-shooting party in a Shropshire pub. Read more

    A guide to WWOOFing: 10 top tips from Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK

    Scarlett Penn 12-Feb-2019

    Anybody considering going on a WWOOFing adventure for the first time will benefit enormously from these 10 tips compiled by Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK. Read more

    My reflections on the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018

    Scarlett Penn 19-Jan-2018

    I’ve heard several people say they love going to the Oxford Real Farming Conference because it fires them up for the farming year, and I couldn’t agree more. ORFC is so inspiring to people like us because it was set up by a group frustrated at the lack of representation for organic and small-scale producers… Continue reading My reflections on the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018 Read more

    Taking the pee: is urine a good fertiliser?

    Scarlett Penn 27-Jul-2017

    Many of us consider it a waste product but, in fact, is urine a good fertiliser? Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK sets out why we should pause for thought before we flush. Read more

    Fantastic volunteering opportunity with the Permaculture Podcast – could it be you or someone you know?

    Scarlett Penn 24-May-2017

    Daniel Tyrkiel is so dedicated he gets up at 4am every single day. On weekdays it’s so he can to study how to regenerate soil in order to store carbon, clean water, prevent flooding and produce nutritious food, without the need for any chemicals. On weekends it’s to edit his brilliant podcast series, which documents what’s happening… Continue reading Fantastic volunteering opportunity with the Permaculture Podcast – could it be you or someone you know? Read more

    Looking for the xmas gift that could change someone’s life? Here’s why WWOOF membership could be what you’re looking for

    Scarlett Penn 02-Dec-2016

    It’s late autumn and I’m sitting alone, feeling empty, in a comfortable house in High Wycombe. It’s 5.30 and I’ve just returned from work; I’m a single moderately successful professional doing the 9-5 in a very ordinary existence. Read more

    Autumn foraging season soon – here’s some inspiration

    Scarlett Penn 26-Aug-2015

    Arriving at the beautiful setting of WOWO, I immediately knew I’d done the right thing ignoring cold-weather challenges to get myself to this workshop. Given the warmest of welcomes, we were invited to form a circle and take a moment to think about what plant we felt like in that moment. We were to bear… Continue reading Autumn foraging season soon – here’s some inspiration Read more

    Job opportunity in the WWOOF team

    Scarlett Penn 21-Jan-2015

    Personnel and Organisational Administrator WWOOF UK (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is looking for a specialist in HR policy and procedures, with strong people skills. Read more

    How to make a 7-course meal for 12 people for free

    Scarlett Penn 09-Feb-2013

    Recently some friends and I were served a sumptuous seven-course meal with a twist: every single ingredient came from the bin of a top-end retailer. Well, everything apart from the road-kill rabbit spotted on the way home. Read more

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