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Building the commons economy

Lowimpact.org are working closely with Mutual Credit Services, the Credit Commons Society, Island Power and Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe to help build commons institutions / a new, commons economy. New ideas are emerging that are summarised here. These new ideas allow us to take infrastructure into common ownership without incurring debt – which I think is the main reason that (much as… Continue reading Building the commons economy Read more

History of commoning

Most of people’s needs through (pre)history have probably been met through commons, and an estimated 2 billion people today depend for at least part of their livelihood on resources held in common. Read more

Garrett Hardin vs Elinor Ostrom

Garret Hardin became infamous for promulgating his view of commons as ‘a tragedy’. Elinor Ostrom’s painstaking research shows him to be unhelpfully mistaken in his perception. Read more

Enclosure, and how to prevent it

Preventing and ending enclosure is a core commitment of commoning. Read more

Co-ops and commons

A co-op is a commons of ownership and thus will by definition have some kind of democratic stewardship machinery. But formal ownership and the right to enjoy benefits of ownership are not the same as stewardship and curating: fundamental dimensions of commoning. Read more

Natural commoning: land and ‘wild commons’

If there are people whose subsistence is threatened, support them – join Survival International. Read more

Economic commons

Conventional banks have been given a state monopoly on the creation of money-as-debt, with compound interest attached. You couldn’t invent a system that concentrates wealth and damages nature more, if you tried. Read more

Cultural commons

Exercise and cultivate the common capacities of people to know, to do and to organise, which have been enclosed by regimes of wage-work and professionalised authority. Read more

Digital commons

Software code, algorithm-steered systems, digital media, etc constitute a prominent present-day still-emergent kind of material that can be commoned. Read more

Internet / web commons

The world wide web could have been a commons, and lots of people who work in the software and web sphere remain committed to the principles of P2P-commons in software code, digital data and digital processing capacity. Read more

Enclosing digital commons

Microsoft enclosed an emergent software code commons: GitHub. Read more

Commoning social media, tools, platforms

Facebook is not commoning, and is not costless. It’s a way for a giant corporation to pump value out of your traffic and unselfconscious gossip, for profit, surveillance and Big Brother manipulation of your buying (or voting, or social ‘othering’) behaviour. Read more

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