Gaia Sprouters

Hampton, TW12 2BD, UK
101A Station Road Hampton TW12 2BD GB

We are UK based company that specialises in designing products from natural materials. Our passion for sprouting seeds led us to design and manufacture our own range of clay sprouters. We have developed an expertise on sprouting seeds in earthenware and supply to you the GAIA sprouting range.

Our GAIA Sprouter is a hand-crafted, earthenware set made from locally sourced clay. The unglazed trays of the GAIA sprouter (unlike glass or plastic sprouters) can provide a breathable and moist regulating environment. This simple system, imitating natural conditions, can ensure steady growth without the risk of drowning or drying up seeds. The glazes used are lead-free and non-toxic.

The GAIA Sprouters are universal so are ideal for SPROUTING, GERMINATING AND GROWING PLANT SHOOTS, MICRO-GREENS AND GRASSES without soil or compost.

Our purpose is to do something sensible and have fun. Natural materials and time-proven technologies has been always a source of our inspiration, that has gradually grown into the concept of life-quality improving products and ideas. Our work is dedicated to enable a sustainable and resilient system that is less dependant on fossil fuels. We have strong pro-sustainable and eco-friendly company policies and we constantly work to improve on quality of our service.

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